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Editorial: Time to roll up our sleeves again…

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Time to roll up our sleeves again…

Dear Readers,

Heinz Jaeger The coronavirus has spread to over 200 countries and caused more than 450,000 deaths. There are currently about 8 million confirmed cases worldwide. These shocking figures are probably actually much higher as the estimated number of unknown cases is likely high.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a deep recession in its wake. In the United States, more than 40 million registered for unemployment within a few weeks. In Germany, the unemployment rate is considerably lower, but these figures are “helped” by the number of partially employed.

The pandemic has also pulled the brake on corporate transactions - at least for the time being. In the medium term, a market of opportunities should emerge. However, it is assumed that 80% of the company acquisitions planned in the first half of 2020 will be cancelled. Despite considerable pressure to consolidate in many sectors, such as tourism, gastronomy, hospitality, automotive, non-food trade, food services, aviation, etc., potential investors are hesitant to make acquisitions. From the investors' point of view, there is simply too much uncertainty with regards to the future. In addition to organizational hurdles during the due diligence phase, pricing is proving extremely difficult. "The figures from 2019 are yesterday's figures, current ones have little meaning, and nobody knows today what it will look like in 2021," said one of our clients in May, who himself has pulled the handbrake on a transaction.

But in June there is already a break in the clouds. Interest in acquisition opportunities above all is increasing significantly. Nevertheless, insolvencies may well increase dramatically from autumn/winter 2020 on. As it can be assumed that the government will institute countermeasures in good time, insolvencies should be kept to a minimum. All in all, the M&A market is on the road to recovery even if it is not be possible to achieve the high, in some cases excessive, purchase prices of the previous year in the foreseeable future.

Provided we succeed in avoiding a second wave of the coronavirus, there is reason to be optimistic about the future of corporate transactions. We are therefore publishing the JP Director's Report again following a break of several months. The opportunities outlined below illustrate the first rays of light in the M&A sky for June 2020.

We wish you every success and good health.

Season’s Greetings,

Heinz Jäger
Heinz Jäger

Selected M&A Opportunities (1)

Company purchase
Convenience and food service providers | Western Europe and DE/AT/CH

Very successful operator of small high-frequency sales areas in the convenience and food service segments seeks investments in companies with complementary to-go ranges (such as pizzas, sandwiches, salad variations, quiches, etc.) and with locations at high frequency (railway stations, airports, shopping centres, shopping streets, etc.); turnaround cases undesirable.

Project 179742

Convenience Food | Europe

Western European producer of convenience products for bulk consumers, such as appetizer plates, mussels, quiches, pies, spring rolls, gratins, is looking for a strategic partner in Europe (preferably in the DE/AT/CH region and Benelux), all forms of cooperation (joint venture, equity participation, etc.) are open to discussion. The company has a turnover of over € 500 million and is market leader in its home country.

Project 171331

Pizza wholesale | Germany/France

Western European wholesaler / foodservice especially for pizza and snacks is looking for investment and cooperation opportunities (foodservice / pizza, snacks & convenience) in Germany and France with a sales volume of € 10 million or more.

Project 178735

Food ingredients | Europe

International food group is looking for manufacturers of food ingredients (especially baking ingredients, stabilizers and emulsifiers) with a turnover of between € 15 and 80 million in Europe to join the group - owners and management should stay involved and participate in the joint growth course.

Project 178290

C+C and wholesale delivery | Germany

Renowned German operator of C+C locations and delivery wholesale (location: south of the Main line, several hundred million € turnover) is looking for takeover and investment opportunities with a turnover of up to approx. € 500 million; primary target areas: Southern Germany, New Federal States, North Sea).

Project 89620

Fruit and raw materials | Europe

Strong agrarian corporation is looking for acquisition opportunities in the field of fruit processing or natural raw materials for the food industry with at least € 10 million sales and positive earnings.

Project 172122

Fresh food service | Germany

Successful food manufacturer and fresh food service operator is looking for takeover and investment opportunities in the food service sector with a turnover of € 5 million or more in Germany.

Project 56561

Software | Europe

Strong Canadian IT group is looking for software companies with a turnover of € 5 - 25 million to become majority shareholders in Europe.

Project 72484

IT service provider | DE/AT/CH

German IT service provider with a focus on IT consulting, IT system integration and software development in the areas of SAP, infrastructure and communication is looking for IT service companies and IT consulting firms with a sales volume of at least € 10 million in the German-speaking region to expand the group.

Project 172100

IT specialist healthcare | Europe / USA

Strong European supplier of automation solutions in the healthcare sector is looking for specialists for software solutions in the area of hospitals and healthcare providers, including supply chain software providers of automated systems for clinical applications with a minimum turnover of € 5 million in Europe or the USA.

Project 172275

Plastics processing | DE/AT/CH

Strong investor is looking for a group of companies in the plastics processing industry in German-speaking countries with at least € 10 million and the willingness to give up the majority position.

Project 178290

Plastics specialists (PU) | Europe

European plastics group is looking for system houses, manufacturers and distributors in the field of polyurethanes with a sales volume of at least € 20 million in Europe.

Projekt 156595

Packaging | Europe

European packaging manufacturer is looking for takeover opportunities in the field of flexible packaging and self-adhesive labels with a turnover of between € 15 and € 50 million in Europe.

Project 179497

Medical technology | DE/AT/CH / Europe

Investment company specializing in medical technology seeks investment opportunities in the fields of medical technology, diagnostics, digital health, biotechnology, etc. with a potential transaction volume of up to € 100 million.

Project 53448

Furthermore, we have received enquiries from a number of investment companies (PE, family offices etc.), primarily for food, convenience, veggie, retail, FMCG, digitalisation and mechanical engineering. Please contact us without obligation.

If you would like to sell a company / an investment, please prepare the usual international sales documents (e.g. sales memorandum). If necessary, we will support you in preparing the information. Especially in times of crisis this is an important sales promotion measure.

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Selected M&A Opportunities (II)

Company sale
Food-Importer | Germany

Well-known German importer with a focus on exotic meat (e.g. bison, zebra, crocodile, kangaroo and wagyu) and fish (hoki, cape hake, John Dory, blue shark etc.) as well as affiliated delivery wholesale offers majority shareholding. The company is sustainably profitable with a sales volume of well over € 100 million.

Project 176320

Delicatessen | Germany

Delicatessen manufacturer with four strong product groups: delicatessen dishes, delicatessen soups, regional sausage specialities and spicy sauces is looking for a successor solution, group sales approx. € 40 million, EBITDA good 10 %, location Central Germany.

Project 174452

Baked goods | Germany

German bakery with an extensive branch network and a turnover of over € 70 million is open for (strategic) investments.

Project 89415

Biomass power plant | India

Operator of a 10 MW biomass power plant (annual sales € 7 million with an EBITDA margin of 35 %) is looking for a suitable partner to expand the plant with a second 8 MW biomass power plant currently under construction (20-year energy purchase agreement) and other projected plants (50 MW by 2030).

Project 172946B

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